MDG Jewellery started in 2014 in London, England by Canadian born designer and self taught goldsmith Meg deGraaf. Meg has spent her life sketching, making and creating. Obsessed with architecture, ceramics, stones and jewels, always working with her hands. With a passion for jewellery along with a fascination that something material can mean so much and be passed on for generations - she decided to make her passion her practice, and has since spent all of her time teaching herself, learning and practicing new techniques. MDG started with the intention of designing interesting jewellery. Jewellery that didn't blend in, that stood out and made a statement. Being constantly inspired by travel and the architecture in ancient European towns, our aim is to create pieces with meaning and depth, that are sharp and bold while being wearable and timeless.

Every piece of MDG is made by hand out of our Toronto studio, so each piece is custom made to order for the client, with the utmost care, quality and attention to detail. Jewellery is an incredibly personal thing, and MDG's goal is for each person who wears our work, to feel like the piece they've chosen is an extension of themselves, and has been made just for them.

MDG Jewellery offers a bespoke service as well, whether you have a specific design in mind or need help in designing your custom piece of jewellery. We specialize in custom engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding jewellery. Please contact info@mdgjewellery.com with all of your design ideas or for more information.